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High Five interview!

We recently took a fun High Five Interview with the enthusiasts at J For Jetpack about our story in The Lowest Heaven, “We’ll Always be Here”.

It starts thus:

1) To start this off, what was the inspiration behind your story in The Lowest Heaven?

L: As dark writing twins, we thought it perfectly appropriate that we were assigned the dark twins of the solar system. We loved the idea of the misunderstood outsiders – demoted, outcast and resentful emo planets – lurking on the periphery. As things turned out, though, we needed to bring the action a bit closer to the centre.

2) What is it that attracts you to science-fiction as a genre and what one sci-fi thing, be it book, movie or real life event, has influenced you the most?

L: I devoured science fiction, particularly in my undergrad days. I joined the alt.scifi list and got a list of best sci-fi that I tried to work my way through. I played TrekMOO, did an English Honours elective on Dan Simmons’s Hyperion, and went to a 21st party dressed as Gully Foyle. Take your pick!

S: This is a total cliche, but I guess I’m attracted to it because of the genre’s endless possibilities for story-telling, from the fantastical to fresh social critique.

I read way too much PKD when I was a child – his short stories exploring what makes us human (Second Variety etc) were a massive influence. I am now obsessed with androids, hyper-realistic sex dolls and the uncanny valley.

Read the rest, with choice illustrations, here. have a look at the High Fives with the rest of the stellar contributors there too.


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